Source code for myqueue.states

from __future__ import annotations
from enum import Enum

[docs] class State(Enum): """Task-state enum. The following 9 states are defined: >>> for state in State: ... state <State.undefined: 'u'> <State.queued: 'q'> <State.hold: 'h'> <State.running: 'r'> <State.done: 'd'> <State.FAILED: 'F'> <State.TIMEOUT: 'T'> <State.MEMORY: 'M'> <State.CANCELED: 'C'> >>> State.queued == State.queued True >>> State.queued == 'queued' True >>> State.queued == 'queue' Traceback (most recent call last): ... TypeError: Unknown state: queue >>> State.queued == 117 False >>> State.done in {'queued', 'running'} False """ undefined = 'u' queued = 'q' hold = 'h' running = 'r' done = 'd' FAILED = 'F' TIMEOUT = 'T' MEMORY = 'M' CANCELED = 'C' def __eq__(self, other: object) -> bool: if isinstance(other, State): return == if isinstance(other, str): if other in State.__members__: return == other raise TypeError(f'Unknown state: {other}') return NotImplemented def __hash__(self) -> int: return hash( def __str__(self) -> str: return
[docs] def is_bad(self) -> bool: """Return true for FAILED, TIMEOUT, MEMORY and CANCELED. >>> State.running.is_bad() False """ return
[docs] def is_active(self) -> bool: """Return true for queued, hold, running. >>> State.hold.is_active() True """ return self.value in 'qhr'
[docs] @staticmethod def str2states(s: str) -> set[State]: """Convert single character state string to set of State objects. >>> names = [ for state in State.str2states('rdA')] >>> sorted(names) ['CANCELED', 'FAILED', 'MEMORY', 'TIMEOUT', 'done', 'running'] >>> State.str2states('x') Traceback (most recent call last): ... ValueError: Unknown state: x. Must be one of q, ..., a or A. """ states: set[State] = set() for c in s: if c == 'a': states.update([State.queued, State.hold, State.running, State.done]) elif c == 'A': states.update([State.FAILED, State.CANCELED, State.TIMEOUT, State.MEMORY]) else: try: states.add(State(c)) except ValueError: raise ValueError( 'Unknown state: ' + s + '. Must be one of q, h, r, d, F, C, T, M, a or A.') return states